Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Happy Feet

We've called Alex happy feet for....well just about forever. Just like in the Abba song "Thank you for the music" he did learn to dance before he learned to walk. So today after Sesame Street we took a quick look at what was on TV. And we found "Happy Feet". He enjoyed dancing along with the penguins. I'd also like to insert that wow it looks great in high definition.

And for our second feature. In a world without horses, one boy's struggle with not being able to go "Neigh."

Alex loves seeing the horses in the "neigh"bor's yard and on our daily walks. So we were a bit surprised when he didn't like "Glow Thunder Glow".

Then a couple days ago, he found the love that his father had of the horse as a child. And yes, it was frightening to think he was playing on a 43 year old toy. Anyways, here's Alex trying to win the Tripple Crown.

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Kate @ Life As I Live It said...

Too cute. He's growing up so fast!